Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Art of Being Lazy

One nice thing about being a lazy trader is that time is always on our side. The recent unrest in the financial sector and the machinations of the Washington politicos have sidelined me in cash for the bulk of my portfolio. I did buy some Oct 135 puts on AAPL about 2 weeks ago just because the chart was in a nice even downward slide, but it was more a gut play than anything specific that I saw in the chart.

I took the weekend off, went to my regular job and decided not to start thinking about this until today. Starting today and for the next couple of posts I will lay out the framework for my philosophy on being a lazy trader, show my rules and portfolio construction. Then start working at a very lazy pace to achieve financial independence.

This is real world play by play of an average guy interested in the markets with a wife, 4 kids, dog and a job. What we will try to accomplish is market beating returns without spending more than an hour or two a week handling the portfolio.

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